A Rakish Interview with Minnesotan(-by-Proxy) Author Bart Schneider

This is Minnesota. There’s Café Barbette, there’s Galactic Pizza, there’s the Armajani Bridge stretching from the Sculpture Garden to Loring Park. Except really it’s a month from now, the Republican National Convention is in town, and there’s a right-wing/neo-Nazi plot underway to kill three Jewish abortion doctors. This is the world of Bart Schneider’s new […]

A Rakish Interview with Darin Strauss — Part II

Part II (To see the first part of this interview, click here) "If you don’t belong to a book club," Ron Charles wrote in The Washington Post last week, "Darin Strauss’s bitter and brilliant new novel is reason enough to start one." The novel – Strauss’s third – marks a departure from the author’s previous […]

Ashwin Madia – the Man, the Myth, the One Democrat Who Won’t Call Michelle Bachmann Bat-Shit Crazy

If the ongoing national embarrassment that is the Democratic primary hasn’t yet caused you to gouge out your eyes with a rusty spork, you may have noticed that the local political campaign season is in full swing. And because this year’s campaigns are already shaping up to be nearly as contentious as the debate over […]