The Films of Carlos Reygadas

The screen is black. A mass of ambient sounds emerges to pull the viewer into an immediate state of hypnosis. Crickets and a plethora of other insects are making their voices heard. Cattle and roosters join in, birds chirping, all while the camera slowly spins around with the grace of a Hitchcock film. At first […]

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Ninety-nine percent of the Mahi Mahi sold in the U.S. mainland comes from South America, and it is transported on trucks in very slow 3rd world process, so by the time the Mahi reaches the U.S. mainland it has a lot of shelf life on it already and the quality is very poor. Many people […]

Speeding Down Everest

(Pictured above: A bulletin board in a ski racer’s hut. The love of speed leads to a lack of problems. At least those with names.) Last week I included a trenchant post from a skier. I hope to have more comments from this caliber of athlete–the most ballsy of breeds. On that note, I mentioned […]