Dancing and Double Axels Downtown

I promised this story about my years as a figure skater awhile back, but I wasn’t ready to fall on my ass -again- until I knew in my heart it was time. I could write a book on my years of experiences as a figure skater but from the looks of things as they stand […]

HOLY STACKS! Your Favorite TV STAR Sits Here

After having a fun conversation with Jason DeRusha about what people’s desks say about them, he was kind enough to get approval for me to come down to WCCO and take some candid snapshots of the areas that our favorite TV STARS call home when the lights, cameras, and action go out. Frank VascelleroI first […]

In a Word, Slutty

A word regarding this month’s fashion feature and the related discussion: Jason DeRusha did not, in fact, call his wife slutty. He was simply being witty about the fact that 1) he is, in fact, male and 2) he therefore prefers that his beautiful wife wear form-flattering clothes. And yes, friends, in the minds of […]

Dress Up to Get Down

The directive was simple: Pick an outfit for your sweetheart to wear to a hypothetical romantic dinner-on Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion, for that matter. We proposed this to three reasonably fashionable folks, all with different ideas about what flatters the female form. Our guys-an intrepid television reporter and the owner of a women’s […]

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