Transgendered Germans and Hair Metal

From now until August 31st, Hedwig and the Angry Inch will be playing at the Jungle Theater. Featuring a cast of local talent, including Jairus Abts as Hedwig and Ann Michels as her husband Yitzhak, the production is most comfortable during the music numbers and flounders some during monologues. Though shrill and sluggish at times, […]

The Gin Game

Bain Boehlke and Wendy Lehr are onstage together again in the Jungle Theater’s production of The Gin Game, which opened May 30. Set in a seedy nursing home, this Pulitzer Award-winning drama by D.L. Coburn examines the problems of growing old as two residents strike up a friendship during a card game. Boehlke and Lehr […]

Rabbit Hole

Nothing moves people more than the death of a child. And while a play centered around such tragedy might make its audience feel manipulated and cheap, like a bad Lifetime move, David Lindsay-Abaire’s Rabbit Hole handles it with such honesty and insight as to take its audience through the most grievous journey without resentment or […]

The Syringa Tree: Strange Magic

Every morning, I get up all bleary and I pour my coffee and I sit down with my laptop and I tell my little stories. Character, plot, narrative, theme. I think I have a handle on these things. Most days, I feel competent. Then I read or see something like The Syringa Tree, which is […]