Off to Mexico

Sick of winter much? Can you bear another cold day of having to bulk up? Me either! That’s why I’m checking out for Mexico, yo. Feast your eyes on this: the adorable, but nonetheless scanty, romper I procured for the occasion (as modeled by the much thinner-than-me office floor).   The romper is by Michele […]

The Changing Tides of Calhoun

So, as I’m sure lots of you’ve heard, another makeover to Calhoun Square is in the works. The press release came across our desk just yesterday, along with the artist rendering above. Frankly, I can’t pretend like I care much about it today … But here’s something I do find interesting: A few months back, […]

Consumerist Report

I’m one of those crazy people who enjoys giving more so than getting. But that’s because I’m a total snob, not that I’m generous of spirit. I mean, I certainly appreciate the professional portrait of my nieces I get from my sister most years. But, geez, couldn’t she have at least tucked them inside some […]