Tweak Locally, Think Globally

Green is the new watchword for consumer products and goods. We can track our carbon footprints, find out how many miles our food traveled to our plates, and make a point only to have toe-curling carnal gymnastics with Prius drivers — so why do we insist on persecuting those entrepreneurial souls trying to provide a […]

The Greatest Gift: The Unknown

It should come as no surprise at this point, to regular readers of my blog, that I am not shy about sharing with you what makes me… ME. This morning I saw a DVD that I had been waiting for, sitting on my counter in the kitchen — images from my family’s Zip Lining experience […]

I'm Baaaaaaaack…

Well, I am back from my cruise on the Mexican Riveria with my in-laws, and this vacation made my Top 5 for A LOT of reasons: beautiful weather, zip lining, and not one fight. Ok, well, maybe just ONE… I was a little nervous about going on this trip, because I had already decided — […]