Naked Bones at the Brickhouse BBQ

As I get older and balder, I have come to appreciate the t-shirt legend that proclaims, "Only a few heads are perfect – the rest are covered with hair." Something similar is true of barbecued ribs – the best way to serve mediocre ribs is smothered in sauce – but to serve ribs naked, they […]

Muja Messiah's Debut Album

"Don’t wait for the critics to jump on this dude before you start giving it up," says everybody’s favorite Albino rhymer, Brother Ali. He’s speaking about Muja Messiah, the latest local rapper to make a big splash in the national underground hip-hop scene. "Muja is the shit. The man is right with his." So this […]

Get Sauced! A Northside Discovery

It’s in Minneapolis, it’s the best restaurant for miles around, and odds are you have never even heard of it. Sauced, a little neighborhood bistro at 2203 44th Ave. N. (at Penn Ave.) isn’t just the best restaurant in north Minneapolis; it’s the only restaurant in north Minneapolis with a menu of contemporary cuisine and […]