The Emperor Has Underwear. . . and Maybe a Pair of Socks

What you drink from matters. No question. Good coffee will be ruined by a Styrofoam, waxed, or plastic vessel (and here, I include all those plastiform travel mugs distributed by SA). Water leaches toxins from petroleum-based bottles. Anything out of an aluminum can tastes like. . . .aluminum can. Chunky little Chinese bowl cups somehow […]

Jovovich-Hawk for Target

p.s. I heart these looks from the latest Go International designer, Jovovich-Hawk. These will hit Target stores on March 2 or thereabouts.    

The Idiot's Guide to Ending Hunger

I haven’t a clue how to fix most of our huge national scourges. Global warming, gang violence, reality TV. These issues are just too big and ghastly and amorphous. What’s one person to do? But hunger. Now there’s a solvable problem. People are hungry, you feed them. Even tiny efforts make a difference. And every […]