Archives for November 2003

No Stuart!

I just read your article on strip clubs [Sex & The Married Man, “Should Married Men Go to Strip Clubs?” August]. Strangely enough, someone posted it on our bathroom stall in my college dorm. So your friends regularly attend strip clubs. Good, wholesome fun, right? They’re not hurting anyone. I could not disagree more. One […]

Go Stuart!

Stuart Greene [Sex & The Married Man, “Dancing With Myself”] has guts. Yes, we all do it. No, we never admit it. And I think his statement that sometimes sex for men is just a physical thing is true. That doesn’t mean we can’t have deep loving relationships, and we prove it all the time. […]

The Wind and the Wire

Bravo to The Rake on its series of stories on shipwrecks [“Too Deep, Too Dark, Too Cold,” November] These were very well-researched and well-put-together articles and I very much enjoyed reading them. As a result of your articles, my husband and I will be attending the Gales of November conference in Duluth next weekend and […]

Who’s in Charge Here?

Remember those low-budget horror films from the 1950s? Other-worldly music would play, and then a creepy creature would land its spaceship in a swamp in the middle of nowhere, slither out, and tell the first startled Earthling, “Take me to your leader.” Now, as then, we laugh at the idea that there could possibly be […]

Ok, We’ve Moved On

I really enjoy your magazine—except for the fact that you apparently worship the insufferably smug Al Franken as some kind of god [“Al Franken Is a Big Fat Genius,” October]. He impresses me not at all, and never has. I never thought Franken and Davis were even remotely amusing when they were on Saturday Night […]

Credit Where It’s Due

It was great to see Brenda Weiler’s 400 Bar show recommended [Broken Clock, November], but her most recent album wasn’t recorded or produced in her new hometown of Portland, as the blurb states. It was recorded in Minneapolis at City Cabin by local talent Darren Jackson (Kid Dakota, Alva Star), John Hermanson (Alva Star, Storyhill), […]

Penny Royalty

Your article about music licensing [“All Shook Down,” November] was timely and important, but I’d like to make some additional points. All business owners should be aware that playing copyrighted music without permission or a license is a violation of federal copyright law. If such a violation went to court, the violator would have a […]

Ex Marks the Spot

My teenage daughter hurt my feelings the other day, and this bizarre thing happened. The light in the room shifted, there was a faint static, and a tremor ran through my body. Suddenly, I was channeling my brother-in-law’s Jewish mother (odd, since she is still alive and well in Louisville). “Sophie,” I heard myself lament. […]

Send More Leaf-Blower Puns

Excellent article on leaf blowers [“Rake Against the Machine,” November], just one of so many completely unnecessary, stupid new power tools and technologies that we can live without. Most of the dunderheads that operate them have no idea that the leaves under the shrubbery (mulch) are necessary and protective and should be left there to […]

Alma Mater? Don’t Know Her.

Aw, hell. You won’t believe what I got myself into. So I’ll just tell you. I’m going to be a guest speaker at my old high school for career day. Delicious irony #1: I never completed high school.Delicious irony #2: Either they never bothered to check this fact, or they don’t care. My dilemma came […]