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Fogo de Chão

Yes, Brazilians really do eat this way. Fogo de Chão, the new Brazilian steak house at City Center in Minneapolis, is much more elegant—and more expensive—than the truck stop in northeast Brazil where I first experienced churrascaria (Brazilian spit-roasted barbecue), but the basic principle is the same: Waiters in black pleated gaucho pantaloons (at Fogo […]

You're Gonna Have To Serve Somebody

Tonight I have a cold. While this may be true, it is equally true that far too many blogs begin with precisely such banalities. Fortunately, while I do have a cold, I also spent half the evening talking to people who subscribe, yes subscribe, to The Rake. So while I still have a cold (just […]

The 98 Pound Restaurant: Cheap Sushi and More!

 Header photo by Denis Jeong  I’ve been told that the whole Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet phenomenom has run its course, and that the next big trend for Chinese restaurateurs is sushi — the profit margins are better. A lot of Chinese buffets already offer a few varieties of sushi, but the new 98 Pounds Restaurant at […]

The Seagull by Anton Chekhov

This is why we go to the theater—a skilled cast in a marvelous production of a great play. Chekhov’s tale of love, jealousy, the nature of art and theater deserves the title masterpiece, and the Jeune Lune company does its usual imaginative job of interpreting the classic. As the characters weave among the birch trees […]

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