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Take the Red Pill into the Meatrix

Rake food writer Jeremy Iggers recommends The Meatrix.

Find me inspiration, Friday…

I really wish I could say I liked The Man Show. In fact, I expected to like it, and even spent some energy, before ever having seen the thing, imaging what flattering things I might say about it. I expected it to be one of those things that jolted me out of my south Minneapolis […]

Apathy vs. Action

America-bashing is so in vogue. Teenagers, especially, are vulnerable to this general sense of “how bad we are,” based on a couple of tragic elections and a war of lies. I’m brokenhearted over these things, too, but the “how bad we are” mantra grows wearisome when it comes from what is, according to a recent […]

Stick ’Em Up!

Phoenix Rising, a sculpture fashioned from roughly five thousand melted guns, now lies in two pieces in a storage facility. Hennepin County officials are reluctant to say exactly where, because its current condition “is not the presentation the artist had in mind.” The mawkish symbolism of the mythic bird reborn from ashes certainly makes it […]

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