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Hipsters in the park

The very popular and consequently very fun Summer Music & Movies in the park event kicks-off tonight with a multi-multi rapper and a vintage flick about poverty. Trust me, it’s better than it sounds. Your truly will definitely be there.

Irish Fair

Why should March 17 be the only time the local Irish cut loose, especially in Paddy-friendly St. Paul? Hence this annual weekend of green partying. A significant percentage of the local Irish music scene will be out in force to help keep it reel, joined by headliners Leahy—nine fiddle-crazy Ontario siblings—and the Pogues-y combo of […]

10 Ways to Make Sure You’ll Never Fly Again

We can’t guarantee anything, but here’s a good start. 1) Have the misfortune of being named “Ben Laden.” Ben E. Laden, a resident of Washington D.C., tells The Rake that he gets stopped and singled out for a “special search” every time he flies. Laden says he gets reported to the FBI repeatedly by Web […]

The Naschmarkt: Vienna's Outdoor Market

"Probieren Sie mal, Herr Professor," says the guy behind the counter at the market stall, as he holds out a freshly fried felafel ball. "Have a taste." (I guess the beard and glasses make me look like a Herr Professor.) A few feet away, another vendor holds out a green olive on a toothpick. Strolling […]

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