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July 2, 2008: Only Hot As Heck

This Magazine, Martyred

The Hart family (Brooke and Sean, along with sons Rio and Kai) of Minneapolis stumbled into an unusual situation while visiting Tanzania: A meeting with members of the Hadzabe, a nomadic hunter-gatherer tribe situated in the Yaeda Valley, was followed by a barbed exchange of sorts. The Hadzabes’s arrows won out against The Rake, Brooke […]

Late Breaking

From the department of good news: I just found out about this rock show at the Hexagon tonight. Check it! It’s called the 8 Ball Unplugged. Twenty-three acts each do eight-minute sets. Here’s the lineup, roughly: Faux Jean Bill Caperton Bethany Larson Danny Sigelman (MPR night dj guy) Brian Just (Beight) Brad Senne (Beight) Travis […]

The New Standards

Is this a misprint? Nope. The Suburbs’ Chan Poling, Semisonic’s John Munson, and Steve Roehm (“Your Neighborhood Trio”) are indeed playing American songbook standards on the chill stage at the Dakota. A little Rodgers & Hammerstein, a little “Love is the Law”—it’s a surprisingly sweet blend in the hands of these accomplished local rock gods […]

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