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Same Story, Different Faces

Meleah Maynard’s article [“I Against I,” May] was well written, informative, and palpable. Maynard is right on point that just being “black” does not make one community. The Somalis and African Americans are going through the same integration problems that waves of immigrants have been experiencing for centuries—Italians versus the Irish at the turn of […]

A Man of His Times

There is a consensus in the trade, I am sorry to report, that Thomas L. Friedman cannot win another Pulitzer Prize. This is not due to any dissipation of his talents. It is because, having already won three of journalism’s highest awards, he has been asked to join the Pulitzer board. Instead of receiving Pulitzers, […]

Tanks for the Memories

As a former Twin Citizen now working for Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program, I was delighted to see some of our recommendations in January’s Gastronomer (“Go Fish,” by Dan Gilchrist). Sushi is no longer a coastal phenomenon. Gilchrist got it right with our “bad news” about the bluefin tuna and farmed salmon: we suggest […]

Drinking with Minneapolis

It all started a couple years ago with Bob. Bob started video taping his 60-second rant and posting them online. These were your typical daily rants, rants about the news, rants about the world, rants about Tyra Bank’s dolphin phobia — Drinking with Bob — rants that you could hear at any bar on a […]

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