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Who’d have thought that a documentary about spelling would be one of the most tension-filled, broadly American films of the year? True, some of us here at The Rake find it fascinating to see a bunch of bright young folks on the fast track to careers in the glamorous field of magazine copyediting, but we […]

Game Two In Texas: That There's The Team I Imagined Back In April

Tonight’s game, along with last Friday’s win in Milwaukee (Bonser’s 11 strikeouts, Hunter’s grand slam), was a blueprint for the kind of team I thought the Twins were going to be coming into the season. Sort of, anyway. It still perplexes me that the guys in the middle of the order are being forced to […]

Aloof and Expensive, But I Like It

Maybe it’s an Edina thing. You step inside the city limits and suddenly you rather like a restaurant server who eyes you suspiciously for several minutes, then approaches sniffily to ask what you want. You don’t mind paying 20 percent more for a loaf of bread with goat cheese and olive tapenade than you would, […]

Beat the press

There were two good pieces yesterday on the role of the press, or lack thereof, in providing information to our people so they can intelligently participate in their government. Jack Shafer, who writes mostly about media for Slate, is one of my favorite columnists. His column yesterday is about what Bush has learned about media […]

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