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Lynn Geesaman

Lynn Geesaman’s photographs always draw one in. And after that, you stand around in the image, thinking, Now what am I doing here? I came here to get something; what was it? The fuzzy, melting landscapes have the memory-dissolving qualities of a late spring day—and, quite honestly, who knows whether that’s good or bad? But […]

The Road Rake

In many states there is a law, or at least a strong suggestion, that you ought to stay the hell out of the way of people who can actually drive. To wit, if you are not passing someone, don’t drive in the left lane of the freeway; if you are coming to the end of […]

The Man in the Housing Bubble

The Man in the Housing Bubble Did he die? Or just abandon his house to the “Ugly” people? Ug bought my next-door neighbor’s house. I didn’t think it was dilapidated enough to be purchased by the “We Buy Ugly Houses” people, but apparently it was. When I moved in, my landlady warned me that the […]


The clock is ticking. The clock is always ticking, always tick-tick-ticking. The sun is burning, burning, burning. The moon is rising. The moon is rising. The moon is rising. The world is turning. This world is turning, turning, turning. Our hearts are yearning. Our hearts, our hearts, our hearts are yearning. The days get away […]

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