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Wine, wine, wine! Wine from the Hills

Why do people admire Napoleon? I don’t mean the French—they have reasons of their own for boosting Bonaparte, such as a dearth of more recent political heroes. But what inspires so many ordinary Anglophones in their cloying fascination for the great dictator? It’s not just the sticky puff-pastries and the Napoleon brandy (but what has […]

A (Wo)man's Corner Store is (her) his Castle

Our April issue hit newsstands today. Check out the new Rake Appeal section for a piece about the curious folks who live in storefronts. If you’re interested in joining their likes, check out this storefront–for sale in West St. Paul.

Walk 'er

No matter what you think about all these new designer buildings in town, you can’t help but give props to the frontrunner, Walker Art Center, for programming some pretty neat stuff since re-opening with their expansion. I’m not sure what to make of tonight’s prom-themed fashion show, curated by local hat designer/Target employee Anna Lee. […]

Sanctuary Has Arrived

We spotted Michael Kutscheid the other night in the dining room of his new restaurant, Sanctuary, looking proud as a peacock – and even more dapper than usual. The elegant new dining room and lounge, which Kutscheid owns with partners Roger Kubicki and Naomi Williamson, opened quietly last week on the ground level at of […]

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