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The Libertines

It comes as no surprise that the Libertines’ instant cool factor had much to do with the fact that their debut album was produced by the Clash’s M.I.A. Mick Jones, granting them the ultimate punk-rock seal of approval. An appropriately snotty attitude with Kinks-like melodies made the first record, Up the Bracket, hugely lovable, and […]

Come on! We're Talking Sid Hartman!

The mice were snickering Monday. Within the Star Tribune there was much chatter about Kate Parry v. Sid Hartman, Round Two. Or is it three? Or four? Maybe you caught Parry’s ombudsman column Sunday criticizing Hartman — Sid Friggin’ Hartman! — for appearing in an ad for Sun Country airlines, (with Ex-KSTP sports anchor, Joe […]

From Idea to Paper to Film (or Video)

FILM Get Ready to Make Your Own The secret is out. Anyone can make a “film” these days. Granted, many of them bore the pants right off me after only ten seconds; but then as long as the pants are off, who cares? Have you tried your hand at video yet? Be brave and see […]

The Counterfeiters

Told in flashback, The Counterfeiters is the exciting true story of Salomon Sorowitsch, who, in the years before World War II, was the world’s greatest counterfeiter. Arrested in Berlin, Sorowitsch is sent to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp—as both Jew and habitual criminal he’s considered doubly threatening. But the Germans find a use for Sorowitsch, putting […]

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