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Off Track

Notwithstanding our love of the single-occupant automobile, we were very excited about the arrival of the light-rail train this spring. We love strolling down Fifth Street past the bright new Warehouse District station. It gaily announces the time and date on its prim marquees and generally looks as if it expects our train to shoosh […]

Wilde, Wilde Life

THEATERConstance Wilde Play & Pre-Show Happy HourOne can only assume that the wife of Oscar Wilde would be driven to drink, and considering tonight’s play The Secret Fall of Constance Wilde is about her life, you might as well try to relate. Stop into the Guthrie’s Target Lounge for a pre-show happy hour from 6 […]

Wine for Poets

Odd how few poets emerged from the Second World War. The First World War produced plenty. Some, like Rupert Brooke, thought they were going to be Homeric heroes––he died without hearing a shot fired in anger, and is buried on the island of Scyrus, where Achilles hid among the women. Others—Charles Sorley, Wilfrid Owen, Siegfried […]

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots…

…until the bullpen (Version ’06) stepped in and put an end to the mess. Torii Hunter, who had 21 doubles in all of 2006, already has eleven. The Go-Go Twins: though they’ve been out-homered 23-9, Minnesota now has 46 doubles to opponents’ 25 (and 19 stolen bases to opposing teams’ four). Boof is going to […]

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