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Phantom sighting

Like Harry Potter — OK, not quite like Harry Potter — but in the same vein: the release of Bogle Vineyards Phantom is an event which hordes of fans await. We’ve even been known to line up outside stores, credit cards at the ready, and rush in to buy cases of the thick, red, potent […]

Day of Music

This weekend, the thing I care mostly deeply about is the Macy’s Day of Music, which is really part of Minnesota Orchestra’s Sommerfest, in case you got fooled by the name. Check this cool lineup: The Melismatics play at 10 p.m., The New Standards at 11, Low (oh-my-god, oh-my-god) at midnight. The good thing about […]

Turn It Down

Press access to the general public has now been cut off. The only way out of the press area is through the tunnel. According to Tim Russert, Obama’s people are negotiating Hillary’s withdrawal. Hillary insists she should be offered the VP position, so she can turn it down and withdraw with dignity. Obama’s people are […]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Body Counts

The body count our government doesn’t want us to remember I started to laugh today at David Brooks’s piece in the NY Times. But then the feeling turned more to nausea. According to Brooks, we shouldn’t run our Iraq policy based on polls that say most Americans think we should pull out. I couldn’t agree […]

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