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Walker in the Rough

We’ve always thought Mary Pickford was quite a fabulous dame, and we were even more impressed to discover recently that she built her own personal mini-golf course inspired by the surrealist Max Ernst. Leave it to the Walker to reunite art and mini-golf eighty years later, as part of the consolation package for its year-long […]

Jem Casey Explained

Many readers write to ask about Rake contributor Jem Casey. He is modest, and unlikely to speak up for himself, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to answer a few questions that frequently come up. Under several different pen names, Jem Casey has written stories for magazines like the Oxford American, Ploughshares, the Prairie […]

Desert Island Duffel

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing, as the saying goes, and Leslie Johnson’s Mississippi Rag has devoted thirty years to keeping the swing alive. Her Bloomington-based newspaper is a torchbearer for early-twentieth-century ragtime and jazz. It may not have Rolling Stone’s circulation numbers, but it has worldwide reach; the Rag […]

The Usual Suspects

Every industry has its peer-reviewed awards competition, especially industries that are fueled mainly by ego and vanity the way the media industry is. There are serious awards and then there are somewhat ridiculous awards,but basically there are enough awards to make sure just about everyone can win something sometime. This has become such a cliche […]

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