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The Drawing and Withdrawing Room

“There are hidden energies in a home. And you can’t predict them; you’ve just got to find them.” Two years ago, Anna Lee was settling in to a new apartment in Northeast Minneapolis. The now-thirty-year-old milliner and producer of local fashion shows attempted to set up the spare bedroom as her studio, lugging her desk, […]

Cremaster 2

Is Matthew Barney the George Lucas of art film? He devoted years of painstaking toil to a cycle of films, completing them, as Lucas did with the Star Wars franchise, in nonsequential order. They are also populated with exotic creatures, some of whom might not be out of place in a Star Wars flick. But […]

Daniel Mason: New Paintings

By now, most of us have read Harry Potter. And there are differences between that parallel world and those of yore. Namely, in the ’60s, the parallel world was real, created through individual skill and grace. It was J. D. Salinger’s Upper West Side; or it was on the roads and streets of Kerouac and […]

Bruce Springsteen

What to make of this latest Springsteen recording? On the one hand, it means he’s so hugely successful that he can make whatever kind of music he pleases. On the other, it shows that he’s cemented his star so far in the past that his latest endeavors can slip by unremarked upon, even by many […]

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