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The Idiots at My Work, Part II

On the loading dock of my work, a truck driver named Tater takes a seat in the shade and fans his sweat soaked crotch with a celebrity gossip magazine. Under the broiling summer sun, the tubby trucker is quickly roasted like a luau pig; his fleshy face turns heart-attack red and his sleeveless t-shirt stinks […]

Mike Doughty

Soul Coughing disbanded five years ago, and frontman Mike Doughty seems sublimely content with the way his life has progressed since. He’s traded the psychotic sample stylings of Soul Coughing, as well as his moniker, M., for more traditional songwriting that he calls “small rock” and for collaborations with the likes of Dave Matthews and […]

Unsung Heroes of Beer

Yesterday, I spent a few delicious hours as a judge for the Town Hall Brewery’s Chili Cook-Off. There were definitely interesting ingredients used in some of the dishes: zucchini, venison, curry, cocoa. Challenging the very definition of chili was one dish with a cream base and another that consisted solely of beef cubes and sauce, […]


Another movie night… On one hand, we have the Women’s Human Rights Film Series, which provides a smattering of documentaries about the various plights of women… And, on the other hand (the far other), we have rumor of a documentary about snuff films airing at IFP’s Cinema Lounge tonight… Another bet is 49 Up, a […]

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