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In at the Ground Level

Before she got into it, Sonja Tengdin thought her kids could scoop dog poop for money. “We started talking about it at the dinner table,” she recalled, winding around Lake of the Isles en route to her kids’ school one recent morning. “I said I’d pay them ten bucks. They refused. Then I thought, I’ll […]

Los Straitjackets

The Mexican wrestling masks this surf rock quartet dons for every performance make them look menacing, but these guys are pretty friendly. This summer, they ran a series of twist contests, encouraging fans to get onstage and dance. No one got pummeled by the band, not even the lousy dancers. The blistering pace at which […]

Audi RS4

Its a shame that the drop-top won’t be available in the US. The S4 drop top is really a boulevard cruiser. I recently test drove this new beast. It features 414 naturally aspirated horsepower from the proven 4.2 liter Audi V8. With twin turbochargers you could be putting 700 flywheel HP to the pavement without […]

Even Worms Will Not Feast on Such Foul Meat

Hardcover Theater’s versions of “penny dreadfuls,” or Victorian-era soap operas, have been so popular in years past that this time around it’s offering five installments, each time imagining a more fantastical mash-up. Making an appearance are historical figures such as Queen Victoria, Scotland Yard founder Sir Robert Peel, and the grave robbers William Burke and […]

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