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Profiles in Chocolate

You need to kick-start your life, no? Aren’t you searching for that mystical buzz of inspiration that comes with seeing others achieve their dreams? Well, cheer up, Charlie. For a lucky few in our Twin Cities, and far more in places across the country, the dream of a creative and self-determined life has been found […]

Passing the Torch

Four kids are sauntering toward Jeff Allen. Their arms are crossed and they look a little scared. "Hey guys," Allen says, affecting a cool older brother tone. "When do you go on?" "Eight minutes," says one of the boys. This is why they’re scared. Exactly eight minutes later, the quartet of three 16-year-olds and a […]

Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker: Once

Dance without music would fall pretty flat, but it seems that many modern choreographers are afraid to make bold choices in this area, lest it overshadow their own work. Not Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. The last time the Belgian choreographer came to town, in 1999, she and her company worked with Steve Reich’s thunderous composition […]

War of Words

It was still early in the game, but Mary Atwood was feeling confident. She had just stacked “NOVA” atop “VOX” to take a 177 to 62 lead over Jim Kramer, and the triple word was blocked. But Jim’s fortunes shifted when he ran “POETIZER” down the center of the board for 54 points. He then […]

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