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Get Squashed!

Is there such thing as “harvest time” anymore? You can buy apples in June, tomatoes in January, and there are bananas year-round at our local Farmer’s Markets. Nature’s bounty is but an email away to Simon Delivers. The harvest used to be a glorious time of celebration after the hard work of bringing in the […]

Summer League Thread

In a comment on the draft thread, Snyder makes an excellent suggestion of starting a summer league thread for Wolves’ die-hards who want to paw over the results of this week’s five games out in Las Vegas. I’ve been tied up on a large project recently, but promise to chime in here soon on this […]

I Will Be Kind, I Will Rewind

I have a lot of time on my hands, and I recently discovered a new trick with (I like to imagine) some radical implications. I’ve always wanted to be either a saint or at the very least some kind of hero, but the older I get the more it looks like I just don’t have […]

The One Show

The world’s best in advertising will be on display in The One Show, starting at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design gallery on August 22nd. Featuring work handpicked by The One Club, the leading nonprofit organization for recognition in advertising, winning works in print, radio, television and more will show patrons what real advertising […]

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