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Sent, I'm Sure, With Only The Best Intentions

I received this message –or these messages– from my old friend Ruckert today, scrawled in his almost microscopic handwriting across the back of several subscription cards for a magazine called Country Living: Late last night, as I was in the basement digging around for a book on the Black Hole of Calcutta, I stumbled across […]

Message in a Bottle

Selling water in Wayzata would be like selling beer in Baraboo. How then to explain the one thousand people who streamed into Wayzata Community Church the other day to hear a lecture called “The Hidden Messages of Water”? The pews were brimming and the ushers tersely redirected latecomers to folding chairs spilling out into the […]

July 28, 2008: Boz

Bagel thieves

I’m reading the book Freakonomics by a University of Chicago economics professor Steven Levitt. In one chapter he talks about an entrepreneur who sets up a business of selling bagels on the honor system in the offices of several companies. By analysing who pays for the bagels and who takes them without paying, Levitt draws […]

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