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Terry Eason, Bees Will Bumble

Local guitar wizard Eason’s been a reliable source of six-string zing for two decades now, both fronting his own projects and backing guys like Chan Poling and Dylan Hicks. Bees Will Bumble, his second disc in less than a year, forms a loose zoological trilogy with last year’s Elephant Garden and the forthcoming The Aching […]

Bright Eyes

Who doesn’t have a bit of a thing for Conor Oberst, the doe-eyed Nebraskan whose angst-ridden, poetic ballads draw comparisons to Bob Dylan and Paul Simon? With fame and success firmly planted on his doorstep (which is now in Manhattan), Oberst, who has made some nine recordings as Bright Eyes, is becoming a more relaxed, […]

Street Clash

STYLE by Eeva-Liisa Waaraniemi Runway fashion is to art on a pedestal as street fashion is to art…on a pedestrian. Enter Street Clash, an online style competition driven by bloggers and photographers from cities around the world, our metropolis included. If your favorite page of the Rake is Rake Appeal: Fashion as it Happens, you […]

Dakota Diaspora

Twenty-eight-year-old identical twins Kate and Carly Beane share similarly striking features—demure brown eyes and hair, high cheek bones, and quick smiles that precede regular bouts of easy, endearing laughter. Both say they are now content with their lives, a state of being that had eluded them until a few years ago, when they decided to […]

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