There's More Than One Bristol

So, one of my fellow bloggers called my keen political insights "garbage" and asked me to go back to writing about cars.

I will gladly fulfill your wish. In fact, how about if I write about both?

I will even perfume my words to make sure the wind that passes when I write about politics will not offend your hope and passion for change.

(Trying my hand here at Obama-speak. Such crap, I know.)

(The other Bristol? courtesy of Perez Hilton and the Cap’n)

No, here’s the deal-e-oh-my-god. As any car guy knows, there is a great British firm that has remained in business for a half-century by the Burgermeisterish name of "Bristol."

They got their start when they acquired the tooling for the very fine BMW 328 as a WWII war reparation and constructed their first car–the Bristol 400 in the 1947.

This proud old firm was very hot in the automotive world last year when they claimed to have turned their current Supercar–the extremely expensive and akward-looking Bristol fighter into the fastest front-engined production car in the world (Jalopnik says 1000 plus HP).

I am about as certain they have accomplished this as I am that Ms. Palin the Sexy Librarian (in look) will last till Thursday.*

Its a fast moving story, still.

And this one really doesn’t stink.

* 11:00 PM Wednesday Night. Well, well, I am wrong again. Sexy Librarian makes me look stupider than ever. She is is going to stay. Hockey Moms, however, are still no match for Ski Moms–check out this incredible true blog.






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