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Cherry on Top

There’s a new blog in town — Your Dress Would Look Better on Me (What a name!) — and Ms. Eda Cherry seems to be having some fun with video. This is awfully cute.

Jockey Itch

I can’t help but appreciate most creative displays of technology; but I have to be honest with you — I’m just not sure how is going to sell underwear.

Wall Street Joins the YouTube Age

The Wall Street Journal Online has joined the video podcast era with Andy Jordan’s Tech Diaries.

A Shot Across the Bow

A recent Content Bridge post offers a preliminary analysis of

War, Monarchs, Demons, and Wasps

ART The Art of War Megan Rye’s brother supervised the regional detention facility in Fallujah and transported Iraqi detainees within the Sunni Triangle. He took more than two thousand photographs during his tour of duty. As a painter, his sister is the real deal; she used these images to make huge paintings that are for […]

Voyeurism Loves Exhibitionism

Pasquale Salerno shares A Perversion. And if you like that, you might enjoy Wolf 189’s Show Girl, though frankly, Motion and Balance is far more eloquent.

When You Have So Few Big Things To Offer, It's The Little Things That'll Kill You Every Time: Swept In Cleveland, And Done

Well, that was a tough series to watch. A team that we’ve learned to take for granted when it comes to executing the fundamentals of the game and not giving away ballgames has officially become a colossal disappointment. It would be hard, really, to even know where to start. I’ll say this, though: Nick Punto’s […]

Nasty Bad Boy

Do you think Senator Larry Craig got a little excited calling Bill Clinton a bad boy back in 1999? See CNN’s “Summer of Scandal” and check out the Young Turks videos.

Are You A Geek?

Hugh Macleod cuts to the chase.

On Doubt

Elliptica offers great philosophical posts and “thoughts from an incurable math-lover.” See the July 20th post on Doubt.