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The Sausage Life

Fluorescent cube life getting you down? Do you dream of being your own boss, making your own way, calling the shots? Do you like sausage? A different life beckons Cherie Peterson and Merry Barry. Having created some of the best boutique sausages to ever grace a bun, The Sausage Sisters are moving on and selling […]

About that Star Tribune Foundation …

A friend — a tipster — kicked over a letter sent out this past Aug. 13, roughly two weeks ago, by Steve Alexander, the Star Tribune’s Sr. VP for Circulation. Addressed, I gather, to new subscribers, it “welcomes” them to the Star Tribune family, thanks them for subscribing, and then commences telling them “a little […]

Vikings Back Out of Parking Lot Deal .

This just in … Vikings will not buy Star Tribune Property by Par Ridder, publisher and CEO August 29, 2007 – The Minnesota Vikings have advised us that they do not intend to buy the four blocks of Star Tribune property around the Metrodome. To date there is no change to the legal status of […]

Grape Expectations

Rake food and wine writer Ann Bauer, has a piece on wine-making and global warming on

Is Intel Evil?

Huffington Post’s Jamie Court responds to Intel’s new advertising campaign: “Inside Intel Is There A ‘Slave-Ship’ Agenda?“

Ride 'Em, Cowboy!

FAIR Grit, Guts, and Grace I hate to mention the Minnesota State Fair two days in a row — particularly after having spent the day there yesterday with Owen — but today’s event is the real deal. The online brochure says it all: “Have a kickin’, rearin’, rip-snortin’ time at the first ever Minnesota State […]

Science Blog

One of my new favorite blogs is Pharyngula. I have to be honest, I can’t remember who turned me on to it, but I love this stuff; and it’s even a local blog — a professor, of course. (I’m such a sucker for the academic.)

A Top Undiscovered Reading Web Site

My first discovery from PC Magazine’s Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites: Verbotomy challenges you to create a word for a given definition.

It's All Right Here

Oh, yeah. This one is going to nourish me for quite some time — as well as nourishing my Net Raker posts. Hot Soup in the Eye just posted a link to my former employer’s website — PC Magazine’s Top Web Sites 2007. The best part is the second list, the Top 100 Undiscovered Web […]


Mark J. Penn has an interesting Trendsurfing post today at, “The Critical 1%.”