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Things are Looking Up

I’ve got to remember to bring a camera to rehearsal so I can post some pictures on this blog. Right now, imagine a photograph that is so cool it makes you want to see Everywhere Signs Fall at Gremlin Theatre. I don’t care what you picture as long as you trust your imagination and call […]

Mexico Rising: Indio Mexican Cuisine and La Chaya Bistro

A couple of talented Mexican-born chefs have opened new restaurants in south Minneapolis that raise the local standards for Mexican cuisine. Hector Ruiz, who trained with Alain Senderens at Lucas Carton in Paris, has added a third Latin restaurant to his collection: first El Meson, which features the flavors of the Latin Caribbean, then last […]

Kimya Dawson

Kimya Dawson is just the cheer we need for these economic doldrums. The tattooed fairy godmother visits the Cedar Cultural Center on April 16, riding high on the indie box office smashery of Juno and the soundtrack that serves as a collection of her hits. Dawson performs folk stripped down to its bare essence. Her […]

Cloud Cult

Listening to Feel Good Ghosts is a visceral event with images flooding from vocalist Craig Minowa’s decadent lyrics. Take this snippet from "When Water Comes To Life": "And underneath your ribs/ they’ll find a heart-shaped locket/ an old photograph of you in daddy’s arms/ then they’ll sew you closed." In one moment it sounds painfully […]

Fiscal Lubrication

For those of you lulled into complacency by auspicious recent events such as Britney’s brief flirtation with lucidity, it’s important to note that, not only is the entertainment industry still pumping out fucking loons at a heretofore unheard of pace, but our politicians are providing ample evidence of a world view so profoundly divorced from […]

March 31 2008: Straw, Camels Back, Etc

Open Thread: Wolves Top Jazz Again

Minnesota played its best basketball game of the season to beat Utah earlier this season. They played one of their worst, least inspired games in the rematch with the Jazz, a contest in which my criticism of the Wolves’ effort was greeted by many commenters with: "We knew they had no chance because Utah remembers […]

It's Opening Day, You Know What To Do

Theater lovers, don’t delay. Today is last day of the Theater All Year Sale, so take advantage of the six-ticket package, and catch some great shows over the next four months. Tickets also went on sale this weekend for the Kid Rock show at the Target Center on May 24th, the Melissa Etheridge show at […]

Sharp Teeth, by Toby Barlow

After the wretched transformation of Beowulf to film, the time is ripe for a modern-day monster tale we can all read and imagine (rather than ruin with trite images). And try as I might to disassociate Toby Barlow’s debut novel from this timeless classic, Beowulf keeps coming to mind. Clearly, the title, Sharp Teeth, could […]

Bo Ramsey CD Release Performance

While it’s all too possible you may not know Bo Ramsey’s name, you’re sure to have been touched by him somehow — whether as a musician or a producer of something wonderful you’ve heard. For whatever reason, Ramsey has drawn more attention from musicians than from the general public. Perhaps he’s simply not a limelight […]