Little Green Signs

Since our yard has more creeping charlie than all the kudzu in Georgia, we’ve been seriously thinking about having our lawn treated. The problem is those little green and white signs that warn “This Lawn Has Been Chemically Treated—Keep Children and Pets Off for 24 Hours.” Leery of both the chemical industry and a massive […]

West Nile, MN

Dave Neitzel’s view of the dog-eat-dog, mosquito-suck-bird world begins from his third-floor office in the faceless Minnesota Department of Health building, which sits quietly on the University of Minnesota’s East Bank campus. Neitzel is an ornithologist and entomologist who works on vector-borne and zoonotic diseases. He’s an expert on the West Nile virus. It turns […]


Having seen all the news reports on the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS, I sat down with two physician colleagues of mine who specialize in infectious diseases and asked them the obvious: Are we all going to die? “Yes,” they answered in unison and without hesitation. “Of course everyone dies,” Dr. Dan […]