Peter Krause: The Rakish Interview

HBO unveiled Six Feet Under in 2000, at a time when nobody thought TV could top The Sopranos in terms of first-rate drama. But Alan Ball’s show, centering on a family that runs a funeral home in Los Angeles, immediately proved to be as addictive as the mafia saga, and even more so. Having just […]

Lady Madonna

Regardless of how much you admire Madonna’s ability to reinvent herself over the last 20 years, there’s a point at which you see her on your TV screen for the millionth time and snore. No matter how many expensively-produced albums and impeccably orchestrated world tours Madonna churns out, no matter how many new styles and […]

Less Sex, More City

These women have done it all. They’ve done threesomes, S&M, lesbianism, exhibitionism, shoe fetishism, tantric sex, phone sex, and Viagra. They’ve done younger men, older men, married men, gay men, uncircumcised men, small men, big men, too-big men, Catholics, baseball players, bartenders, millionaires, celebutantes, porn directors, personal trainers, drag queens, movie stars, sports fanatics, control […]