Transgendered Germans and Hair Metal

From now until August 31st, Hedwig and the Angry Inch will be playing at the Jungle Theater. Featuring a cast of local talent, including Jairus Abts as Hedwig and Ann Michels as her husband Yitzhak, the production is most comfortable during the music numbers and flounders some during monologues. Though shrill and sluggish at times, […]


To be honest, I didn’t know who Hunter S. Thompson was until after he killed himself. It was a miserable year in college. Bush had slithered his way into the White House for the second time and winter at Carleton seemed even more bitter than usual. Our anger had given way to numb depression as […]

The Man Behind Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Rake. I throughly enjoyed the film. How did you get into film, particularly documentary film making? Well, it’s interesting, I didn’t ever want to make a documentary, but my brothers and I had been talking about the whole steroid issue, and I was already a filmmaker […]