This Saturday's Big Local Media Forum

The good folks at the Twin Cities Media Alliance — best known for their work producing Twin Cities Daily Planet — (click here for schedule and registration info) are staging a day-long event this Saturday at the Central Library in downtown Minneapolis. Major next generation publishers and journalists will be in attendance. While some of […]

Fun With Radio Ratings

In response to thunderous demand for radio ratings statistics — a task I find strangely titillating — the Slaughter offers these snapshots of what Twin Cities listeners say they were tuned to over the past summer. The disclaimer I will always issue is that as they are currently handled, by volunteers filling in written diaries, […]

Tommy B: King of All Ratings

So this time it’s the Native Americans going after Tom Barnard. I’ll watch with amusement to see if Clyde Bellecourt can extract even an ounce of pain from the Twin Cities’ most dominant entertainer (and, in my opinion, most potent "new media" political pundit). But based on historical precedent, I’m be betting heavily that Barnard […]

"War of the Worlds" at the Fitz: Fear Factor

It was purely coincidental. I got an e-mail as I was surfing through cable coverage of the California wildfires and caught … Fox News … asking the rhetorical and self-serving question: Might “terrorism” be behind the multiple infernos? They had no evidence of course. No more reason to shout “terrorism!?” than I do for that […]

Should We Care What the Weather Anchors Think?

While hunkered down at the cabin over the long MEA weekend watching a monsoon-like system refill northeast Minnesota rivers and lakes I had to laugh at a front-page (above-the-fold) story in the Duluth News Tribune. It seems Duluth NBC affiliate weatherman Karl Spring, formerly of KSTP and WFTC here in the Twin Cities thinks Al […]

The FCC and More Media Consolidation: The Monster that Will Not Die

We’ve all seen movies with monsters — aliens, masked serial-killers, cyborgs from the far future — that just will not die, no matter what you do to them. Incinerate ’em and a loose gram of their psychotic essence reconstitutes itself and the battle is on again. So it with the FCC announcing that it is […]

MinnPost vs. The Daily Mole

Personally, I don’t think of it as much of a competition. But by virtue of both former Star Tribune editor and publisher Joel Kramer and former City Pages editor Steve Perry being inspired pretty much simultaneously by the collapse of print journalism in the Twin Cities and then deciding to bust sod for a credible […]

Frontline & "Cheney's Law": A review.

Tonight. 9 PM, TPT. Ch.2 (Tomorrow, 9 p.m. ch. 17) Once whoever comes next and historians begin clearing rubble from the administration of George W. Bush and trying to explain how this disaster happened the smart ones will start by boring into Dick Cheney’s bunker. If there’s any doubt left that Cheney is the ideological […]

Why Does MPR Fight with Virginia Christian Rockers?

(UPDATED): After wasting almost three days trying to get some illumination on Minnesota Public Radio’s on-going/protracted fight with a tiny Christian Rock station in Norfolk, Virginia — and getting stonewalled by that station, its Christian attorneys in D.C. and a bland press release from MPR — I finally connected with Steve Behrens, editor of Currents […]

Are You Among Par's Chosen People?

Former City Pages editor, Steve Perry, has been busy tunneling through some juicy news troves as he prepares to launch his much anticipated website, The Daily Mole, (Think: A young, hip, bra-less version of MinnPost). In the process, he came across an interesting piece of Star Tribune in-house stategery, (as W* would say) that we […]