Author: Kristin Harper

  • Up North

    The Minnesota heat waves had passed in September when, visiting hersister, Anna Lefebvre, in Minneapolis Theresa Gumbleton and hersidekick, the shaded Sheila Sheils from Derry and Carndonagh, Irelandtook a few days Up North lake lounging on Lower South Long Lake. Author(s) and Location: Theresa Gumbleton and Sheila Sheils, Lower South Long Lake Letter Type: Red…

  • India

    Reading The Rake in a hand-pulled rickshaw is not recommended for a weak stomach. Tim Leone-Getten and Leslie Olmen visited Calcutta, India with other area teachers on a South Asia teacher exchange program with Hamline University and Relief International. Author(s) and Location: Tim Leone-Getten and Leslie Olmen, Calcutta Letter Type: Red Handed

  • Mary Ellen Childs' Playlist

    More than a composer, Mary Ellen Childs devised a neat trick to lure skeptical listeners to her contemporary chamber music concerts. The Northeast Minneapolis resident is known nationally in avant-garde music circles for supplementing cutting-edge sonic experiences with any number of visual hooks. With Dream House, for instance, which premiered at the Southern Theater in…

  • Craig Finn’s Playlist

    The Hold Steady are well known for tossing hosannas to the Twin Cities’ landscape and music scene, past and present—from name-checking the “Grain Belt bridge” and Payne Avenue to sonic nods to all manner of local bands. Never mind that frontman Craig Finn, a native of Edina, decamped to Brooklyn some seven years ago—the Twin…

  • Family Arrangements