Eight Crazy Nights: A Political Miniseries

Save for the lack of scheduled appearances by Valerie Bertinelli, Tiffani Thiessen or Jennie Garth, over the course of the next two weeks America will be treated to two of the best-funded Lifetime miniseries of all time. Featuring exotic settings; heroes and villains a-plenty; a family dynasty forever shattered; and production values that would shame […]

Whores, Hags, and Meth Mouth

At the Minnesota State Fair, the food gets all the hype. Cram something edible onto a stick and it will get front page coverage. That’s good and all, but the main attraction to the fair is the people themselves. It’s not just a cross section of America; it is everything from the sewer to the […]

Local Rockstars Come Together to Benefit Barack Obama!

BENEFIT EVENT 8 is Enough: Benefit for Barack An all-star local lineup shows its political colors tonight at the Turf Club by throwing one hell of a party – all to benefit presidential candidate Barack Obama! A mere $20 gets you into one of the hottest shows of the summer featuring Tape n’ Tape (Josh […]

Hail to the Bus Driver

When I was in third grade, my school bus driver was named ‘Slice,’ and he was the coolest. His hair was blond and spiked, held in place by gravity-resistant gel. In the front seat – where not even the nerdiest of nerds dared sit – he kept a Styrofoam container filled with icepacks and cans […]

Best Tamarindo Deal in Town

I was biking back from the office on the Midtown Greenway, when I ran across this young woman selling not just lemonade (or its instant equivalent) but four different aguas frescas, including lemonade, horchata (a sweet milky drink made with rice), and agua de tamarindo. (I can’t remember what the fourth was, but my guess […]

Hometown Show Means Van is Safe for One More Night

Denis Jeong The Rake recently caught up with its friends, local band The Alarmists. Riding their increasing fame and recognition higher and higher, the guys are looking forward to their fast-approaching hometown show at the Varsity this Friday night. We spoke with Eric Lovold (guitar, lead vocals); Ryan McMillan (guitar); Tony Naim (bass guitar); Derek […]

The Nester

In an effort to seek out and engage multiple voices and viewpoints from the local arts community, we occasionally will present on The Thousandth Word postings by "Vicious Guests" — that is, writings by various artists, curators, guest critics, journalists, art experts, art lovers, and other essential members of the arts community who have a […]

August 26, 2008: It's Alright… Tuesday

Cool as Tool

"The amount of Italian iron in the Twin Cities never ceases to amaze me. I was once again stunned by the annual Wheels Of Italy Show that took place at Lake Calhoun this weekend." August 24, 2007 I wrote that last year about this fantastic show (automotively speaking). This year the show was even bigger–in […]

Cupcakes, Political Humor & Icelandic Dream Pop

WINE & DINE World Flavors at The Bulldog Northeast Hot tip alert! The Rake still has a VERY LIMITED number of tickets left for tonight’s World Flavors dinner at The Bulldog Northeast! Now, I know what you’re thinking, fancy pants, but the Bulldog is not just a cool bar with an awesome outdoor patio, killer […]