What is your secret weapon?

Publisher Kristin Henning: x-ray vision Chief Operating Officer Matt Bartel: [No response yet, but here’s a guess from the editor.] Advertising Director A.J. Kiefer: short shorts Chief Editor Cristina Córdova: Self-righteous indignation!A&E Editor Kate Iverson: Carrot Juice (only sometimes with vodka) Contributing WritersChris Birt: [No response yet, but here’s a guess from the editor.]Rich Goldsmith: […]

What is your favorite bumper sticker?

Publisher Kristin Henning: Hang Up and Drive. Chief Operating Officer Matt Bartel: Editor Cristina Córdova: Good thing I brought my library card, ’cause I’m checking you out. Calendar Editor Jennifer Havrish: Baby Jesus cries every time you don’t use your turn signal. Advertising Director A.J. Kiefer: In case of rapture… I have dibs on your […]

Why do people think you’re strange?

Editor Julie Caniglia Apparently I ask rhetorical questions unrhetorically.Senior Editor Brad Zellar You tell me and we’ll both know.Assistant Editor Christy DeSmith I don’t dress my age.Online Editor Cristina Córdova Oya wima wima, Yansa wima wima oko to bembe aseni.Art Director Evangeline Johnson I sing silly made-up songs—poorly.Production Manager Lisa Pahl I think I’m smart. […]

What are you collecting now?

 Editor Julie Caniglia Household dustSenior Editor Brad Zellar ProsthesesAssistant Editor Christy DeSmith Anti-frizz styling productsOnline Editor Cristina Córdova Half-finished stories and random video footageArt Director Evangeline Johnson Vacation brochuresProduction Manager Lisa Pahl Bits of Prescription drugs ContributorsAnn Bauer ExperienceJeremy Iggers EurosColleen Kruse Cat hairStephanie March Vintage cookbooksOliver Nicholson Brownie pointsBritt Robson Braying pro-war quotes, 2003–05Peter […]

What word do you think should be added to the dictionary?

Editor Julie Caniglia HingieSenior Editor Brad Zellar GarfongAssistant Editor Christy DeSmith NoneyaOnline Editor Cristina Córdova The Gooch (see Jackass the Movie) Art Director Evangeline Johnson Ickers Production Manager Lisa Pahl Obsane Interim Production Savior Ryan Tungseth Booch ContributorsAnn Bauer SpinkyJeremy Iggers FreatingColleen Kruse Chill-axingStephanie March Shyah (as in “shyah right!”)Oliver Nicholson A tisser (one of […]

What keeps you up at night?

Editor  Julie Caniglia  The Nintendo stockSenior Editor  Brad Zellar  Monkey mindAssistant Editor  Christy DeSmith  Snoring (not my own)Online Editor  Cristina Córdova  My empireArt Director  Evangeline Johnson  Restless leg syndromeProduction Manager  Amy L. Filipiak  The bedbug Assistant Art Director  Kristin Harper  Night owl tendencies ContributorsAnn Bauer  The 17-year-old who isn’t homeJeremy Iggers  My prostateColleen Kruse  Amphetamines […]

Who is your favorite ghoul?

  Editor Julie Caniglia The one in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Senior Editor Brad Zellar Iggy Pop Assistant Editor Christy DeSmith Donatella Versace Online Editor Cristina Córdova Henry Kissinger Art Director Evangeline Johnson The Bride of Frankenstein Production Manager Amy L. Filipiak Jerry Dandrige Assistant Art Director Kristin Harper Gordon Ramsey Contributors Ann Bauer […]

Where do you go in your dreams?