Stop The Presses!

What the hell? This is what we’ve been waiting twenty months for? Here’s the lead from CNN: "Illegal steroids have been in widespread use in Major League Baseball for more than a decade and used by some of the game’s top stars, former Sen. George Mitchell said in releasing a report Thursday." Excuse me while […]

What Do I Know?

Here’s what I’d like to know: Since when are the New York Yankees in any position to play hardball with the Twins? Given the pitching situation in New York, and given the fact that this is a team that is now in the (for them) desperate position of playing second-fiddle to the Red Sox, would […]

Ok, Maybe not Sabathia for Santana

How’d you like to see this coming at you? If last night was any indication, either I’ve severely overestimated C.C. Sabathia or Eric Wedge way overused him during the season. Over 240 innings in a year is a lot these days. (Santana pitched 219 this year.) Last night (and in game one of the Boston […]

Why I Like the Clevelands

I was in the ticket sales office for the new Twins ballpark a few weeks ago. Actually, it must have been more than a few weeks ago because the Twins hadn’t yet given up and fallen off the pennant chase earth. On their big screen TV was a replay of the previous night’s game with […]

Is Anybody Alive Out There?

Is anybody still paying attention? Some of us, of course, can’t help ourselves. Some of us actually watched that game tonight. And some game, huh? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a game end on a dropped pop-up to the second baseman. That there qualifies as tee-ball heroics. Still, the Twins did come back after […]

Another Summer, Gone Into The Gloaming

How was your lovely Labor Day weekend? Mine? Horseshit, but thanks for asking. Though it pains me to admit this, and though I should be ashamed of myself, I spent the weekend watching baseball. Over at On the Ball, Britt Robson, David Brauer, and I discuss the disappointing season to date. Go over there and […]

It's Not Dark Yet, But It's Getting There: 8-3 Drubbing In Cleveland

I’ve got Little Jimmy Scott crooning from the stereo and that’s never a particularly good sign, at least so far as mood barometers go. At this point I’m not fool enough to say that’s it, but I nonetheless can’t deny that I’m mighty tempted to say that’s it, even as I’ve been mighty tempted to […]

Resurrected, Without Really Trying: Kings Of The Deadball Era

What the hell happened to the toughest division in baseball? In trading Luis Castillo and otherwise standing pat, Terry Ryan gave every indication that the Twins were ready to throw in the towel on the 2007 season, and the Tigers and Indians have responded by rolling over and playing dead. And now a team that […]

The Latest Installment Of The Good News-Bad News Bears

If this shit keeps up I’m going to initiate a class action lawsuit against the Twins on behalf of all the whiplash victims in Twins Territory. I go away for a week on the heels of a nice little rebound series against the Angels (the Twins had won the first two games when I hit […]

A Strange Team, No?

And pretty tough, all things considered. On the heels of losing three straight to the first-place Tigers, Michael Cuddyer, who was 11-for-21 coming out of the break, goes on the DL, and the Twins come right back and take two straight from the West-leading Angels. Post break: four straight wins, three straight losses, two straight […]