RE: Generations, Legacy & Tradition

Don’t let the title fool you. This exhibit showcases innovative, contemporary takes on traditional American Indian art forms. It’s a chance to see work by Kevin Pourier and Dwayne Wilcox, whose horn carvings and ledger drawings garnered attention at two earlier, similarly themed exhibits, Impacted Nations and Changing Hands II: Art Without Reservation; included as […]

My First Rake Mea Culpa

More like a mea maxima culpa.  In my very first guest post here, I used the Rachel Bliss show at Cliché as an illustration of art works on display in places other than galleries, something that happens more and more here in Minneapolis. And then I posted the work of the wrong Bliss. The artwork […]

Tripping the Road Fantastic

Soon you may be heading off on a thanksgiving vacation. The trip may be short or it may be long. Unless your relations live next door, however, you will have to make that journey in an automobile. These days that will likely mean a minivan or small European "touring wagon" (which Chrysler attempted to call […]

Stranger in a Strange Land

UrbanEye, a New York Times email newsletter, is meant to be a daily aid in deciding “what to see, eat, do and wear in New York City.” It is useful for the infrequent visitor to New York to know what he is missing when he isn’t there. Since discovering the newsletter, I’ve devoured the theater […]

The Unexpected Pleasures of Art Shopping at the Farmers' Market

Beyond the plethora of plants, produce, and flowers, one of the pleasures of an expedition to the Minneapolis Farmers Market is the prospect of more abiding goods: The vendors who populate the south end of this market are selling everything from cell phones and bumper stickers to fire pits and fine crafts—and yes, even art. […]

Short Timer

Walker Art Center director Kathy Halbreich might be the most admired museum director in America,” wrote Tyler Green last year on his influential Modern Art Notes blog. He quoted some of Halbreich’s museum-director colleagues, one of whom said “I watch her from afar, kind of like a guru,” and another who said “Kathy is the […]

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The Genie and His Decorative Light-Diffusing Novelty Lamp

For a guy who spends all year thinking about Halloween, Will Niskanen could hardly be described as scary. Slight and soft-spoken, dressed in khakis and brown loafers, and exhibiting the good manners of a Boy Scout, Niskanen greets me at one of his favorite haunts, Mill City Cafe, pulling out a chair and offering to […]

Hard Look, Tender Touch

“One thing I would never photograph,” Diane Arbus once wrote, “is dogs lying in the mud.”  That’s an odd statement coming from a woman who looked so unflinchingly at the weird world around her. Technically there may not be any photographs of dogs lying in the mud in Revelations, the vast retrospective of the photographer’s […]

"We went crazy for a decade."

On a chill December night last year, hundreds of artists and art lovers of a certain age poured into the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to view a departed friend’s art collection. Dressed in eclectic attire, including one necktie that had formerly been its wearer’s ponytail, they milled about, hugging and shouting and laughing. They seemed […]

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"The Minnesota Moment"

On a blustery Saturday night in January, one of the year’s most anticipated gallery shows opened in New York City. As winds off the Hudson River barreled eastward down the charmless streets of Chelsea, the haute monde of Manhattan and the wider world streamed in from the west, down to Gagosian, at the very end […]

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