The Paintings Have Been Drinking (Not Me)

Travel back with me, if you will for just a moment, to those happy, halcyon days of the year 2001. Oh, what a time to be a young American artist it was! The world waited breathlessly for the final bombshell in Matthew Barney’s Cremaster film cycle to drop (spoiler: Gary Gilmore did it!), and your […]

Helen Back for Beer & Foosball

Having a great timegoing to Helen Backfor some beer & some foosballwith the locals. Youwouldn’t believe theirselection — may behere for a while!Prosit— Author(s) and Location: Jodel & Suzey Letter Type: Red Handed

Making Coeds Cry

Like Jabba the Hutt, whose only purpose was to give George Lucas an excuse to put Princess Leia in a slave bikini, this year’s $1 billion budget deficit seems only to exist to further divide a legislature already spoiling for a fight. And much like the epic struggle between Empire and the Rebellion, the battles […]