Off to Mexico

Sick of winter much? Can you bear another cold day of having to bulk up? Me either! That’s why I’m checking out for Mexico, yo. Feast your eyes on this: the adorable, but nonetheless scanty, romper I procured for the occasion (as modeled by the much thinner-than-me office floor).   The romper is by Michele […]

An Economic Stimulus of the Mind

So, am I right on this? The government wants to send me six-hundred bucks? Well, that’s the sort of policy I can get behind, friends … But at first, when I heard the news, I thought: Now, g’on ahead and feed that to your wee, pup of an investment portfolio. But that sort of defeats […]

My First Rake Mea Culpa

More like a mea maxima culpa.  In my very first guest post here, I used the Rachel Bliss show at Cliché as an illustration of art works on display in places other than galleries, something that happens more and more here in Minneapolis. And then I posted the work of the wrong Bliss. The artwork […]

Rachel Bliss at Cliché

Minneapolis-St.Paul is a Midwestern oasis for the visual arts. In fact, we here in the Twin Cities have visual arts all over the place, damn near everywhere you look… or where you aren’t looking, as is often the case. The visual arts don’t just hang at big name institutions like MIA or le Walker and […]