Everyone knows: Wally’s Pet World sells the sickest, the oldest, and the mangiest animals. But that doesn’t stop George from heading nine counties and eleven hours toward some strip mall into Graysville. He drums a folded bag on his lap with his fingers. The car deviates toward the right side of the crooked road. "Look, […]

Fido the Pimp

Crotches are rarely sniffed or nuzzled within the first five minutes of a first date, yet even with ten first dates occurring simultaneously in a crowded Warehouse District coffee shop, this was no ordinary dating scenario. The distracting backdrop of panting, whining, pawing, and the occasional licking of naughty bits, in fact, might evoke thoughts […]

A Prayer For Michael Vick

May you be forgiven. May you be given a second chance: May you come back as a dog. May you be lost. May you be found. May you be loved. May the whole world smell wonderful. And may you know the touch of gentle hands and the soft voice of someone who sees and knows […]

Sweet Dreams, Always, Dog Of My Soul

    You were born thirteen years and seven months ago, in the middle of a January night so cold the defroster in my old pickup truck wouldn’t work on the drive to the emergency clinic. You were the last pup born, the runt of the litter, and I watched in exhausted wonder as you […]