Oil Wrestling

With consumers on the receiving end of an 87-octane enema for the last few months, it’s understandable that various politicians would be spewing forth bile-filled diatribes laying blame for the current situation squarely at the feet of the opposition. Democrats are accused of being so "unmoved by the plight of hard-working Americans, they are unwilling […]

The End Is Nigh!

In the lean years that will soon follow, survivors will look back upon December 19, 2007 with pain and sorrow in their haunted eyes — for this day marked the beginning of the end. The Seventh Seal will soon be open, for the passage of the first increase in CAFÉ standards in more than 30 […]

Pimp My E-Ride

John Herou isn’t your typical electric-car ideologue. The founder of e-ride Industries possesses a bright strain of idealism to be sure, but fundamentally he’s a practical man, an inventor and classic car buff, more entrepreneur than tree hugger. The cars he builds, called neighborhood electric vehicles because by law they can go only twenty-five miles […]

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