God and Man in Edina.

ABOVE: This is how I prefer to see a Land Rover. Don’t believe that stuff about their ladder frames. Even the bodies break.NOTE: I have been receiving personal e-mails related to my recent Edina Mom post. What I find most enlightening about this gentleman’s well-crafted commentary is that God in Edina, it appears, remains in […]

Big Ideas for a Small Planet

"Going green" has almost become a fashion statement in this day and age, but finding the most effective ways to help the environment can often be tricky, and the impact we have on the world around us is often greater than we think. Throughout the summer, the Walker Art Center will present a series of […]

Tweak Locally, Think Globally

Green is the new watchword for consumer products and goods. We can track our carbon footprints, find out how many miles our food traveled to our plates, and make a point only to have toe-curling carnal gymnastics with Prius drivers — so why do we insist on persecuting those entrepreneurial souls trying to provide a […]

Diesel. Rhymes with Weasel.

…and in the same breath–the Prius, indisputably an automobile for ryhmes-with-wussies… If only for the simple fact that buying "green" right now is just plain dumb. And please, before you cleanse your computer screen with Mommy’s blood-decorated stole, consider these three logical points: a) With a hybrid you are buying into a somewhat untested technology […]

How to Buy a New Car

The first thing I do is research the customer service program of the company that makes that new car I have my eyes on. The last thing I want to do is buy a product that makes one go to the dealer and pay $100 to ask a question. The Internet and all its frauds […]

Holiday Trey: Too Much LeBron

Home Game # 6: Cleveland 97, Minnesota 86 Season record: 1-8   1. Shoddy Shaddy After the Wolves had been LeBronned by 11 Wednesday night at the Target Center, Coach Randy Wittman said in edgier, more frustrated tones what Antoine Walker had calmly laid out after Minnesota’s previous loss Saturday night. There’s no fight in […]