Hmong Cuisine, Six Buck Hank, and More

The menu at the new Red Pepper in Saint Paul combines Vietnamese, Thai and Hmong dishes, but since the first two cuisines are pretty widely available elsewhere, I decided to try one of the Hmong dishes. Number 27, sweet pork belly with eggs, turned out to be a savory stew with big chunks of roast […]

In Defense of Tou Saiko Lee

Good morning, My name is Chris DeLine, and I’m the editor for a local music site called Culture Bully. Today we posted a rebuttle written written by one of our writers, Kyle Myhre, regarding Jason Lewis’s discouraging comments on local Hmong artist Tou Saiko Lee. Kyle is also a local MC, spoken word artist, and […]

Café Bonxai

Business wasn’t great at the little budget steak house in the St. Paul Midway, so the Hang family, Hmong refugees from Laos, decided to try something different. They brought in cousin Christian Hang, a recent culinary-school graduate, as chef; remodeled the dining room with a tasteful black and orange décor; and added Asian fusion to […]