Day Off/On

Today is one of those odd holidays. Some people have the day off, others must work. Restaurants are clearly open, but school is closed. There’s no real celebration or gift-giving or feast involved, but because it’s an election year, maybe we should spend some time thinking about President’s Day. Or maybe we should buy a […]

Balls of Bourbon

Been a bit boozy lately, haven’t I? Well, it is the season of holiday parties, family gatherings, and all manner of cold-weather frolic that can be greatly enhanced by hot cocoa with a "bump"… It’s Nana’s fault. The old girl was a former society debutante who started smoking when she was a Campfire Girl and […]

Cookie Party

Do you have a cookie party in your future? Is there a massive plan afoot to organize friends/co-workers/relatives/cellmates for a gathering in which an inordinate amount of cookies is exchanged? I have a love/hate thing going for the cookie party. The premise is a bit appealing, bake dozens of one kind of cookie and bring […]