The Three Pointer: The Best Yet This Season

(AP Photo/Jim Mone) Game #55, Home Game #30: Utah 100, Minnesota 111 Season Record: 12-43 1. The Beauty of Teamwork It’s been a long time–certainly a year, maybe two–since fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves have seen this kind of 48 minutes from their ballclub. There have been some really nice wins thus far this season: […]

The Three Pointer: Getting Past the KG Hangover

Copyright 2008 NBAE (Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images) Game #48, Home Game #24: Boston 88, Minnesota 86 Season record: 10-38 1. Kevin Garnett, Over and Out The big man came, he smiled, he waved, hit his heart once or twice, and left. The applause from the fans was long and genuine, but not […]

The Three Pointer: Cruise Control

Copyright 2008 NBAE (Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images) Game #46, Home Game #22: LA Clippers 83, Minnesota 104 Season record: 10-36 1. Two Matchup Switches Sebastian Telfair was in the torture chamber that is Sam Cassell’s offensive bag of tricks. The first two times Cassell called his own number in Friday night’s game, […]

The Three Pointer: A Golden Breakthrough

Copyright 2008 NBAE (Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images) Game # 38, Road Game #19: Minnesota 95, Phoenix 115 Game #39, Road Game #20: Minnesota 108, Denver 111 Game #40, Road Game #21: Minnesota 109, Golden State 108 Season record: 6-34 First of all, apologies for the near-weeklong absence. I wrote a fairly detailed […]

Bouncing Around: The Atlanta Choke, the KG Smear, and 4th Q Stats

There won’t be a three pointer on the Wolves’ dreadful collapse against the Hawks Saturday night. Frankly, it didn’t bother me as much as the pig-headed play and lack of effort that fostered Minnesota’s loss to a thoroughly disinterested Denver Nuggets squad the night before. At least the Atlanta game found the Wolves playing inspired […]

The Three Pointer: Blown Opportunity

Road Game #4: Minnesota 93, Denver 99 Season Record 1-9 1. Time To Get Angry Okay, that’s about enough patience, enough leeway for a basketball team that is playing with stupidity as well as incompetence, and showing very little character in the process. During the off-season, Kevin McHale remarked that any team that really plays […]

Holiday Trey: Too Much LeBron

Home Game # 6: Cleveland 97, Minnesota 86 Season record: 1-8   1. Shoddy Shaddy After the Wolves had been LeBronned by 11 Wednesday night at the Target Center, Coach Randy Wittman said in edgier, more frustrated tones what Antoine Walker had calmly laid out after Minnesota’s previous loss Saturday night. There’s no fight in […]

The Three Pointer: Half Hearted

Home Game #4: Washington 105, Minnesota 89 Home Game #5: Washington 100, Minnesota 82 Season Record: 1-7   1. Swingman Glut Exposes Brewer There are a dozen ways to explain how the Minnesota Timberwolves posted their worst six-quarter stretch of the young season this weekend, a trudge of ineptitude that lasted from the second half […]

The Three Pointer: A Breakthrough W

Home Game #3: Minnesota 108, Sacramento 103 Season Record: 1-5 1. Mea Culpa–For Now I thought Rashad McCants had a horrible game during last Saturday night’s Wolves loss to the Kings in Sacramento, and quite righteously said so. Thought he was a narcissistic gunner who sabotaged the team’s offensive priority of pounding the ball into […]