Lost in Translation

I guess I find most reports on online media interesting, but I thought this MediaPost email was spot on: by Kory Kredit, Thursday, April 24, 2008 What is the value of an established print media name? Let’s take a simple test to find out. Which of these URLs do you recognize? · www.desmoinesregister.com· www.eastvalleytribune.com· www.drudgereport.com· […]

Can Behavioral Targeting Regulations Balance Privacy and Free Speech?

How do you feel about ads being served up to you according to your web surfing history? On one hand, it only goes to prove Big Brother is watching (as if we didn’t know that). On the other hand, the ads you see are more likely to suit your interests, which might not be a […]


Noam Chomsky says a well-informed populace is a necessary ingredient to any democracy. In other words, we’re boned. Newspaper readership is down, and showing no signs of reversing the freefall. And since they’re not reading, Americans are forced to rely on such reliable political indicators as gut instinct, party affiliation, and the ever popular "he’s […]