A Sesquicentennial in the Spring of Our Discontent

Older generations often talk wistfully of times past – an era when candy was a nickel and hookers cost but sixpence. And with Minnesota’s sesquicentennial occurring this year, the temptation to romanticize is pushed even farther, with tales of subzero temperatures, white out conditions, and devouring small children to survive winter’s lean times bandied about […]

When Timmy Met Margie

Today’s launch of the new Republican "issue ad" blaming DFLers for Minnesotans being asked to sacrifice manhood and innocence alike whilst pumping merrily away at the gas station is just the latest chapter in a textbook Nora Ephron romance. You see, it always starts with the title characters loathing one another. And you’d be hard […]

Pawlenty as McCain's running mate?

Well. Pawlenty is a great governor in the same way that Bush is a great president. Author(s) and Location: Dave Walbridge, WSP Letter Type: Letter

Innocence Lost

Since taking office in 2003, Tim Pawlenty has done an admirable job of holding to his conservative values and staving off those in the legislature who would pluck that last bastion of political innocence. From saying no to an omnibus higher education bill last May to drawing the line at the appointment of a state […]