Paul Shambroom: Picturing Power

Shambroom, our fellow Minneapolitan, is not a trendy name in contemporary photography, but he’s revered by insiders: In one recent book surveying 121 heavy hitters in this medium, more space is devoted to him than to any other. One reason for that might be his dedication. Shambroom doesn’t just address a topic, be it nuclear […]

Zoom In: Dona Schwartz

Spend a few minutes with photographer Dona Schwartz and you’ll start to see a bit of grandeur hiding beneath humble day-to-day routines. “I want to see what’s amazing that’s right under my nose,” she explains. “To me, that’s really compelling. But to photograph daily life, you have to first really see it. You have to […]

Mastering the Art of Service

He looks like a waiter out of a New Yorker cartoon. Crisp shirt, ramrod straight back, tray held aloft on his fingertips. He wears reading glasses on a chain around his neck, makes the best wine recommendations, calls all the ladies “dear” no matter what their age, and sports a wild, white mane of hair. […]

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