There's More Than One Bristol

So, one of my fellow bloggers called my keen political insights "garbage" and asked me to go back to writing about cars. I will gladly fulfill your wish. In fact, how about if I write about both? I will even perfume my words to make sure the wind that passes when I write about politics […]

Sexy Librarian Makes Me Stupid

A few days ago I had an allergic reaction to Obama’s acceptance speech. I have not changed my mind about Obama, but I have also quickly learned the perils of speaking out of my butt too fast–which is essentially the origin of most political commentary offered without the baptism of time and experience. I should […]

Finding Beauty in Politics

On Tuesday, the 29th of July, the votes will be tallied and the people will have spoken, singling out the King and Queen of Minnesota politics and bringing an end to the heated debate over who is truly the most beautiful at the Capitol. And while the answer to this question that burns with the […]

Yes We Can!

Bad design is all around us, but there’s no bad design like bad election year design. Let’s take a moment here to catalog some notable atrocities from recent election cycles, and then hang our heads in bipartisan shame. Offender number one is Bush/Cheney’s militantly mindless logo from 2004; you can almost hear the designer making […]

The 2008 Most Beautiful People at the Capitol Awards

Photos by Denis Jeong Nearly two months ago, we embarked on a quest unprecedented in the history of Minnesota politics. Our pursuit — nay — our calling from a higher being, was to seek out the most beautiful, spectacular, and otherwise hot people who labor at the Capitol — in obscurity or otherwise. The response […]

Perverts Park Here

What’s in a word? More specifically what word makes a post zoom up the popular pole faster than others? Of course, there are the easy words like "porn" and "sex." Then there are the more inventive words (for professional writers) and happy accidents (for plebians like me). I have come across one recently. I won’t […]

Rum, Sodomy, & No Cash

(This the car from its most umistakable angle. It looks even more like a nameless Japanese car from the rear and side.) The Pax Britannica that led to a relatively peaceful 1800s (unless you were Irish) was imposed primarily by the glorious Royal Navy. While it is politic to assert this prestige came from good […]


On Wednesday, April 30, 2008, Sen. John McCain jumped the shark. Now, I’ve got a lot of respect for the man. He’s always been something of a straight shooter. And when a man spends time in a POW camp and can’t raise his arms above his shoulders as a result, I’m inclined to cut the […]

Nurses, diesels and douchiness

(Pictured. Douching device (not to size). May also be used for urea replacement in your diesel. Read below). Do me a favor. Take the snarky tone of my blog (is it? oh, is it? please!) and put it aside for a minute. I mean create an Obama and the Preacher (aka bigot) wall between my […]

Readin', Writin', and Ninjutsu

Like the stealthy shinobi, Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings slipped in and out of Saint Paul yesterday, accomplishing her mission with a minimum of bloodshed and outcry from those who would oppose her in carrying out the quest laid upon her by her daimyo. Few recognized her shadowy presence, overshadowed as it was with news […]