Having "It," but not necessarily talking about "It"

Note to "media types:" Your power by using sexual innuedno to get the "prized audience" isn’t working so well…anymore! I have been spending a lot of time lately doing research on what people read and why. There are a few important areas that seem to bug the future of this country and the ones who […]

The 2008 Most Beautiful People at the Capitol Awards

Photos by Denis Jeong Nearly two months ago, we embarked on a quest unprecedented in the history of Minnesota politics. Our pursuit — nay — our calling from a higher being, was to seek out the most beautiful, spectacular, and otherwise hot people who labor at the Capitol — in obscurity or otherwise. The response […]

More Fesenjoon. No Sex.

Back in January, I submitted a blog called Sex and the Fat Man that was about my forthcoming novel in which a large hero has a lot of quality sex and fesenjoon — the dish over which he and the lady with whom he has all that great sex fall in love. For the past […]

Stupid Sex

Sex is the great equalizer, for does not the rich man conduct his doggy-style in much the same way as the poor man? Granted, the rich man conducts his to the tune of $5,000 per night while the poor man’s might’ve cost him a bottle of Strawberry Hill at the liquor store down the block, […]

Sex and the Fat Man

I learned again last week that any blog, book, or article with the word "sex" in the title will be read. Not that this was news to me. But it’s a lesson that was reinforced by our nifty Popular Today list, which proved that sex sells better than anything except basketball. Which, when you think […]

Sex and Duluth

I’m feeling very married these days. More than when I stood in front of the judge, more than when I opened a joint checking or co-signed a mortgage. And even more than when I drove away from the hospital with our first child. While my marriage has seen its share of compromise, we’re on the […]

Better Than An Italian Supermodel

So how was JesusChristmas for you all here in the United States? I have been away over the holidays but I have not been wasting time. Au contraire. You see I have been busily working in France test driving cars that most people can only dream about. Cars even hotter than France’s new President’s bride […]

Can You Eat Your Way to Better Sex?

So. I was at the Jewish Community Center on Christmas Day — along with what appeared to be every other fitness-minded non-Christian in the western metro — on the elliptical trainer, reading Self magazine, when I ran across an article entitled The Great Sex Diet. And out of a deep sense of professional responsibility, I […]

Love That Latex!

So, maybe by now you have seen Lars and the Real Girl. It’s a comedy set in Minnesota and the title character, Lars Lindstrom, is the sort of Norwegian bachelor Garrison Keillor never mentions. You see, Lars is a social misfit who sends away for an anatomically correct sex doll, falls in love with it, […]

Food and Sex. . . Hungry?

There’s nothing new about the link between great food and sultry sex. It’s been around since the era of the ancient Romans, then flagged during repressive periods such as the Dark Ages and the 1950’s, but went through a glorious renaissance right around the time I was born. Gael Greene, an outrageous and perversely reed-thin […]