Automotive Irredentism

pictured: The Yukon XL—"the national car of Texas" I recently finished reading a book on TFK terrorism (essentially) called The Bullet’s Song. As pretentious as this lead-in sentence sounds, I really did read the book and, in the process, learned some fascinating words. Like irredentism. It’s from the Italian for "unclaimed territory." I believe it […]

The Grounded Man

Editor’s Note: In May 2005, The Rake ran a story by former KSTP-TV reporter Dean Staley about Clancy Prevost, the man whose suspicions about his flight student Zacharias Moussaui led to the apprehension of the “twentieth hijacker” behind the 9/11 attacks. Before our story hit the street in print, but after it was posted on […]

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Do Terror Alerts Work?

As I read the litany of terror threat warnings that the government has issued in the past three years, the thing that jumps out at me is how vague they are. The careful wording implies everything without actually saying anything. We hear “terrorists might try to bomb buses and rail lines in major U.S. cities […]

Are You on a Terrorist Watch List?

Santa’s big season is behind us now, but it’s Christmas all year round at the FBI, where the jolly elf’s omniscient surveillance powers probably inspired a young J. Edgar Hoover. The FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list debuted on March 14, 1950, complete with cash rewards stuffed into the stockings of informants. The Ten Most Wanted […]

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