Happy Valentine's Day — not just today, but every day!

I for one think that to have one day to tell the people you care about how much you love them is nothing more than an opportunity for stores to raise the price of flowers and chocolates to make up for the 364 other days when we don’t give our loved ones a special something […]

V-Day Food Flix

Being married to the restaurant industry means that, for me, today is not that special. My entire adult life I’ve either worked the night or sat home while my sig other does. My own special tradition includes take-out and a food movie. I’m so very happy to squish into the couch with a bucket of […]

Dinner and a Show? – Valentines Dining

Do you have any favorites places that offer live entertainment — preferably cheap or free — along with food? I am starting to compile a list, and so far I have: Bluegrass and old-time music at Dulono’s PizzaOccasional concerts at Kramarczuk’s (like the Tamburitze Orchestra) Karaoke at Pancho Villa Jazz and more, weekends at Café […]