Dear Red-Handed,

As a chronic over-packer, I was left with room in my
carry-on for only one publication (excluding my copy
of Anna Karenina, which took up half my bag). What did
I choose to bring with me to Colombia, South America?
Why, the Rake, of course!

Of all the locations in Medellin to bring my Rake (On
top of the new funicular? At the first goat-cheese
farm in the state? In front of a landslide and
scavenging turkey vultures?), I deemed the special
trip to traffic-filled downtown necessary to getting
the most applicable, typically-Colombian picture
possible. What is more Colombian than Botero? And what
is more Rakish than a huge, bronze derriere? Well, I’m
sure someone will have an answer. I myself think it’s
a perfect match.

So, enjoy! The photo is of me, Giselle Restrepo, in
front of a Botero Sculpture in downtown Medellin, with
none other than my favorite pub, the Rake.

Giselle Restrepo