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Where Was This Guy Two Years Ago?

It seems as though John Kerry sure isn’t taking the high road any more when attacked by the Republicans. In a NY Times story just posted in the last half hour, Kerry has some choice words for Bush, Cheney, Limbaugh and the rest. If he’d talked like this two years ago, who knows what would […]

And the best costume goes to…

I figured I’d toss off a few of tonight’s costume contests for those who’ve actually poured some thought and energy into their getups: For one, the Minnesota Opera’s Tales of Hoffman performance comes replete with a costume contest. (And just who got to raid that department?) The rock ‘n’ roll versions are at the T-Rock, […]

Edible 80's

My 16-year-old daughter has a new interest in The Ramones and The Clash. She also has a huge Ferris Bueller poster in her room. It’s odd when the things of your past become the fascination of a new generation. I’m just glad she can’t get a hold of most of the food I ate in […]

A happy monday…

It’s Monday, so I ought to reiterate that there are TWO short-term movie runs going on this week: 13 Tzameti at the Lagoon and Death of a President at Oak Street. (I already mentioned that second thing, I know. And no, I haven’t seen it yet… I’m just really intrigued, that’s all.) But there are […]

The Sweetest Little Horror Comedy You Ever Saw

It’s funny, it’s sexy, it’s beautiful and filled with a deep sympathy for its characters that’s rare in comedy… it’s none other than Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein! Tonight, at the Central Library, the Friends is bestowing us with the gift of this lovely film tonight at 7:00. I loved this movie as a kid, wishing […]

Son of a Bitch

St. Louis Cardinals 4, Detroit Tigers 2. Cardinals win World Series 4 games to 1. This is a movie blog, I know. I also know that I shouldn’t feel so damned sad about a bunch of millionaires losing a baseball game. But I do. So if there’s any Tigers fans out there, including my Mother, […]

My Second Job

I went to the Mall of America the other day with my girlfriend to buy some shoes. Of course we had to stop at Banana Republic and some other stores. When the stop got a little long I wandered over to Brookstone and partook in my one of my favorite pastimes: sitting in a massage […]


Sorry, folks: I didn’t get an opportunity to see a preview of a (good) movie this week (plus I thought Antoinette was opening today… duh). Of the three major films beginning this weekend (and no, I don’t count Saw III or Catch A Fire in that bunch): Running With Scissors (area theaters): Shallow mental-illness flick […]

Fighting off the Freak

Well, since the highly anticipated Soap Factory Haunted House has been cancelled… And a decent ticket to the Bob Dylan concert is hard to come by at this eleventh hour… Might I suggest these alternative, but no less indulgent, ways to celebrate the weekend before Halloween? For one, the Antiques Show and Sale, put on […]

The Afterthought

Whom the gods wish to destroy, they destroy. Euripedes was a nit-picker. The gods can destroy you on the installment plan, incrementally, step by fucking step. And, yes, madness is in their bag of tricks, but they have bigger, more wicked tricks up their sleeves than mere madness. Let’s say you’re me. But, no, let’s […]