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Abbreviated Three-Pointer: Chicago Split and the Return of Foye

Copyright 2008 NBAE (Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images) Game #44, Road Game #24: Minnesota 85, Chicago 96 Game #45, Home Game #21: Chicago 67, Minnesota 83 Season record: 9-36 1. Legitimately Respectable Flirting with the flu, I decided to avoid contaminating Target Center last night and catch my second straight Bulls-Wolves tilt on […]

Blood, Sweat, and Chardonnay

There is, perhaps, nothing on this earth so elemental as salt. It’s the flavor of the ocean, and of blood. Also sweat, tears, and — let’s be frank here — semen, that stuff which contains half the origin of human life. Salt has been used as currency. It is a mainstay of both religious ceremonies […]

Sanctuary: What a Difference a Chef Makes!

What a difference a chef makes! Patrick Atanalian is now in charge of the kitchen at Sanctuary, and the cuisine at the Washington Ave. hideaway is dramatically improved. It’s a reunion for the talented Marseilles-born chef and Sanctuary’s managing partner Michael Kutscheid, who first worked together back in the mid-90s, when Kutscheid owned Kapoochi’s, one […]

Give It Up (in a good way)

There seem to be an awful lot of things going on today, so be sure to spend your time wisely. If you’re feeling decadent (and financially secure) head to downtown Minneapolis for the opening of r. Norman’s, a new steakhouse on Hennepin. Tonight’s opening is actually a benefit for Hennepin Theatre Trust, so your decadence […]

Speeding Down Everest

(Pictured above: A bulletin board in a ski racer’s hut. The love of speed leads to a lack of problems. At least those with names.) Last week I included a trenchant post from a skier. I hope to have more comments from this caliber of athlete–the most ballsy of breeds. On that note, I mentioned […]

Dance Is a Poem, Each Movement Is a Word

As you’re going about your business today, be sure to take some time out to check out some of our new Rake videos. Let Rake intern Tyler Jensen and co-creator Carissa Camarena take you behind the curtains of Dykes Do Drag. Enjoy an animated look at what makes us tick, Live Long and Open the […]

Crossing the Aisle

Yesterday, amid news of four ton satellites falling from the heavens and the pending departure of Minnesota’s last sports superstar, a glimmering beacon of hope shone from our nation’s capital. The House of Representatives, in one brief shining moment of accord, today put aside their rancor for a subject not involving burly men injecting illicit […]

Three Dozen Plus One

Today is my birthday. I’m not afraid of coming birthdays, and I don’t intend to stop the count-up. Despite all of its challenges (living with teenagers, IRS tax audit, five year old with pneumonia), through the mud and the stars, life on the whole is pretty good. So today is MY day, the one day […]

Foolish Fire

The small river town where I lived and worked for a time was in a pretty and neglected part of the state. When I first moved down there I used to tell friends that it was as if I’d relocated to a remote little corner of some obscure European country. There were rolling, wooded hills, […]

Shall I Read or Look at Naked Ladies?

BOOKSAll Shall Be Well; And All Shall Be Well; And All Manner of Things Shall Be Well The history of literature—up to and including the stuff piled on the new arrivals tables at your local bookstore—is crammed with oddballs and anachronisms. That said, it’s still a rare novel that can take such raw materials and […]