Privacy Policy

Email addresses:
If you are interested in receiving The Rake’s e-mailings, we ask for your email address so that we can send them to you. The Rake’s mailing list is used only to mail The Rake’s mailings and to send notices about The Rake’s activities. We do not sell, rent or share our mailing list. We also intend to challenge any subpoena or other legal process seeking access to our mailing list. We do not enhance (link to other databases) our mailing list or require your actual name.

In the event you wish to update or delete an email address in our possession at any time for any reason, please go to Registration page to make those changes.

We only use cookies to identify you as a user of the site and to track how you use our site. We do not use cookies to collect any personal information about you.

Address and Phone Information:
Sometimes we collect address and phone information about you in connection with contests you enter. This information will be used only to contact you if you are a contest winner, and will be used for no other purpose. This information, including your email address, will never be sold to a third party, nor used for any third party solictations.

Restaurant Rater information:
The information we collect from you when you sign up to be a restaurant rater will only be used to contact you in that capacity in case we have a question about a rating you gave, or want to send you some information we think you might want to have.