High Beamers

An article was posted on your web site quoting me [Native Son, April 2002]. It stated that I agreed that 200 or so interviews for Lisa Beamer was reasonable. I remember our conversation well. I told you that I would estimate 20, perhaps 30 interviews. You have printed an absolute lie! I suggest that you print a correction in your next issue and send me a copy or I will take this matter to our attorney.

Helen Cook
The B & B Media Group, Inc.

Steve Perry responds: I have my notes from our phone conversation. It’s true that you initially said Lisa Beamer had spoken to about 30 media organizations—many of them multiple times, you added. I then said it was the latter number I was interested in: How many times in all has she spoken to people from media? You said you were unsure, and asked if I could phone back later after you had checked. I did, and you were still unsure. So I suggested the figure of 200. You indicated that might be a little high. So, I replied, what then? 150? 100? No, you finally said, 200 was probably a reasonable number so long as I took care to present it as an estimate. Which I did.