Joe Sacco

The comic book has come a long way since Superman,with graphic novels now (rightfully) garnering literary cred andoccupying their own constantly expanding section at the local Barnes& Noble. But with his unique brand of “cartoon journalism,” Joe Sacco has put his influential stamp on the medium. When Sacco applies his “comic book” treatment to subjects like the occupation of Palestine,war in Bosnia, and the Gulf War, the results are superior works of bothart and reporting. Sacco conducts hundreds of interviews for his books,and tells these personal narratives with feverish mishmashes of framesthat are more evocative and harrowing than most front-page news photos.This month, as part of Walker’s Brave New Worlds political art series and the Rain Taxi reading series, he discusses his approach and inimitable artistic style.

7 p.m., Walker Art Center, 1750 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis; 612-375-7600; $10 (members $8).