He's Abbott, I'm Costello: Cross-Wired Conversation With My Dog At Two A.M.

Would you say?

I would say, yes.

Say what?

That is the question.

Yes, that’s the question.

No, that is the question. No question mark.

What is the question?

Say what?

I said, "What is the question?"

And I said, "Say what?"

I heard you the first time, but I still haven’t heard your answer: What is the question?

That was the question.


Yes, that.


Yes, goddamit, that is the question.



Yes what?

I just said: that is the question, which is exactly what I said at the beginnning.

That isn’t what you said at the beginning. You said you would say.

I said I would say, yes.

And I said, "Say what?"

I understood you perfectly well, and if I’m not mistaken I answered you quite clearly.

In that I’m afraid you are badly mistaken.

Did I not respond, "That is the question"?

You did.

Then where is the misunderstanding?

You said you would say, and when pressed on the matter asked, "That is the question?" At which point I said, as would any reasonable person in my position, "Yes, that is the question."

I did not ask. I said.

Said what?

That is the question.


Yes, precisely.

But what is your answer?

That is my answer.

May I have a biscuit now?






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