Fanfare for Food Fight

[A response to various blog posts about Mpls./St. Paul Magazine food critic Andrew Zimmern: "Ode to a Sycophant," "Zimmern’s Complaint," and "A Bone to Pick with Andrew Zimmern." See also "I, Too, Have a Bone to Pick with Andrew Zimmern."]

Just read the whole three-tiered back and forth! Love it. Laughed my ass off. Am proud of my culinary community. I love The Rake — Mitch Omer (such balls!). And Tom Bartel’s response was just absolutely nuts-on: "I¹m beginning to think we should have a test before we let people read The Rake. First question: What does the word irony mean?" What an asset The Rake is to our watery, wussified, fear-laden journalistic scene here in the Shitties.

“Name Withheld by Request”