What Is It?

What is it? Debuting for the first time in
Minnesota and unavailable on DVD, What Is It? is Crispin Glover‘s 2005
directorial debut (lately he played Grendel in Beowulf). The movie is described
by its director as "being the adventures of a young man whose principal
interests are snails, salt, a pipe, and how to get home as tormented by an
hubristic racist inner psyche." Starring Michael Blevis, a young man with Down
Syndrome, and Mr. Glover as a deus ex machina in a fur trenchcoat and flowing
locks, the film also features a fellow in blackface, a bevy of naked women in
elephant masks, and snails aplenty. What is it? Armed with slideshow and
commentary, Glover will be on hand to explain. No one under eighteen will be

Oak Street Cinema, 309 Oak St. S.E., Minneapolis; 612-331-3134.






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