Sarah Ruhl, Sarah Ruhl, Sarah Ruhl. We’ve been writing up, and seeing,
our fill of plays by this hotshot. Still, we’d be fools not to note the
occasion of the regional premiere of Eurydice, the play that made Ruhl
a certified superstar (thanks to last summer’s extended Off-Broadway
run). This production marks Ten Thousand Things’ first tangle with the
playwright, and their choice of this spirited, fairly modern take on
the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice (retold from the young woman’s
perspective) should fit nicely with the company’s visually spare yet
emotionally direct aesthetic—something it more often applies to
Shakespeare and the ancient Greek playwrights. Among a strong, all-star
cast, the key players include Sonja Parks, a local actress who performs
with remarkable force in the title role, and the stately and
heavens-to-Betsy-he’s-handsome Steve Hendrickson as Eurydice’s father.

Ten Thousand Things at Open Book and The Minnesota Opera Center, 612-203-9502.