Fly Me To The Moon: Animation for All Ages

Once again, the library’s very own cinema sprites, Deb Girdwood and Isabelle Harder, bring your lucky kids some of the finest animation in the world—and we’re not talking Saturday-morning corporate fare, either. Drag the offspring to the library for such inspired lunacy as “Petalocity,” a story of “a little girl who goes to extremes of bravery in order to keep her potted plant safe.” These shorts could very well rouse your children to write, draw, sing, and maybe even embark on their own heroic endeavors. And that’s far better than further inflaming their desire for Happy Meals, no? Part of the Childish Films series, this show will be introduced by local animator Ben Bury.

Central Minneapolis Library, 300 Nicollet Mall; 612-630-6000.






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