What! No Oliver?

years ago I was stranded at Minneapolis-St Paul airport for 24 hours on
route from Portland, Oregon back to the UK.  Unfortunately, and admittedly
completely unfairly — as I did not see anything of the Twin Cities
themselves — I acquired a distinctly jaundiced view of the area,
assaulted as I was by the sound of miniature, furry, mechanical pigs and cows
that barked (the only word I can think of to describe the odd yapping sound
they made) and Holstein patterned tee shirts extolling the virtues of Mooonnesota

All that changed, though, when a colleague introduced me to the wonders and joys
of The Rake a year or so ago, which despite dealing with the cultural goings on
in a city (sorry, cities) six time zones away, has come to be a regular must
.  In no small part that has been due to Oliver’s column,
and I look forward avidly each month to my next fix of erudition, wit, and wine — not to mention the pleasure of simply wondering how, for example, he is
going to leap from King Arthur to a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, and by what

therefore, my dismay to discover a gaping hole in the March edition — an Oliver
shaped absence.  I hope that this is no more than a temporary omission and
that he will be back in the April issue (and subsequent editions as well) …

mag, by the way, but all the better taken with a sip of wine!

Mark Robinson, U.K.







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